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Do I need to dimple the barrel?
  No.  All of our barrels come with a gas block.  The set screws we use in our gas blocks have a special cup that locks the set screw into the barrel.  If you still want to dimple the barrel you can.
How do I adjust the Adjustable Gas Block?
  Once the Adjustable Gas Block is installed on the barrel refer to the picture below.
With your hex wrench, close the adjustment screw (#3) all the way until it stops. Do not force anything. Once it is closed, open it to the left 3 clicks. Load one round into a magazine and fire the round with the empty magazine still inserted, open it one more click and repeat until it locks back on an empty magazine.
How do I install my ATLAS Comp?
How do I install my gas block?
How do I install my new forend?

1. Check to insure that the weapon is unloaded.

2. Remove previously installed products. Leave the barrel in the upper receiver. (If the barrel is removed, align the small pin located on the barrel extension with the cutout in the upper receiver threads.)

3. Slide the forend adapter over the barrel. Screw onto the upper receiver. Align the gas tube hole in the upper with the gas tube hole in the adapter.

4. Insert the alignment pin in the gas tube hole in the adapter and the gas tube hole in the receiver.

5. Apply Vibra-Tite to the barrel nut, as per Vibra-Tite instructions.

6. Slide barrel nut over the barrel, screw the nut into the forend adapter, keep the adapter and upper receiver gas tube holes aligned with the alignment pin.

7. Torque the barrel nut to 40-50 ft lbs with a 1 ¼ wrench. (A Tapco Armorer’s wrench also works.) -Remove the alignment pin, use pliers if necessary.

8. Install the gas block and gas tube appropriately.

9. Slide the forend over the forend adapter. Align the screw holes on the adapter and on the forend, install screws.

10. Accessory rails can be installed anywhere along the forend using the screws and KeyMod nuts provided.

If you are experiencing a gap between your forend and upper receiver uninstall the forend and turn the barrel nut around, then reinstall.
How do I install my new XMR?
  XMR installation video:

How should I hold my B1 Handstop?
How tight do I torque the forend screws?
  Tighten all of the forend screws finger tight, after that an additional 1/8 to 1/4 turn is all that is needed.
How to I install and adjust my new ATLAS?
  Installation: • No shims or crush washers are needed. A medium thread locking fluid can be used. Using a 7/8 wrench tighten body of Atlas to the barrel. • Slide sleeve onto the Atlas body with top indexing mark toward the chamber. For initial installation it is recommended that the index mark and hole are straight up. • While holding sleeve in place tighten on the cap using a 7/8 wrench. • While holding the cap in place lightly tighten the 3 setscrews on the front of the cap.
Adjustment: • To counter right or left muzzle movement: loosen front set screws. Loosen cap. • Rotate the sleeve a small amount. Rotate top hole and index mart slightly in the direction that the muzzle is moving. • Tighten cap and front set screws. • To counter muzzle rise: drill out top hole a very small amount. Repeat if needed.
My barrel is not centered in the forend?
  Loosen the forend screws, push the forend where you want it and tighten screws.
My barrel won't shoot 1 MOA?
  We are very proud of our barrels and how well they shoot. There are many things to check when shoot for accuracy.  Did the barrel get torqued correctly during assembly? Is the scope and mount of good quality? Are they both tight? Are you shooting quality ammo?  Have you tried a different  bullet? Are you using a proper rest? If you are still experiencing issues please contact us.
My gun won't cycle with your barrel?
  There are a few things that won’t allow an AR to cycle.  Make sure the gun is properly lubricated, barrel was torqued correctly, and gas block is secured and lined up properly.  If you have done that and used quality American ammo, please contact us.
My gun won't cycle with your gas block?
  Make sure the gas block is lined up correctly and secured properly.  Inspect gas system for any debris.
My XMR wiggles too much?
  The supplied button that comes with the XMR is intentionally made slightly undersized so that it will fit all receivers.  Most mil spec buttons have wiggle in them already, it is just made more noticeable when the XMR is installed.  It is normal for some wiggle in the XMR.
Should I go with the intermediate or midlength?
  Both work great.  Intermediate barrels come with a gas tube others do not.  Intermediate gas systems are longer, consider this if you want the gas block covered or uncovered.
What do I torque the forend barrel nut too?
  40-50 ft lbs.
What is the difference between your DMR and 3Gun barrel?
  The DMR is a heavier profile barrel.  It weighs more, but will handle sustained firing better than a 3 gun barrel.  DMR barrels only come in rifle length gas whereas the 3 Gun barrels have the option of intermid or rifle length gas.
What is the procedure to break in my new barrel?
  Our barrels seem to shoot great no matter what procedure is used. What is most important is that you do not damage the barrel while cleaning it.  Be careful, go slow, never clean from the muzzle end. Use your preferred break in method or shoot 5 rounds, clean, repeat for a total of 20 rounds.
What size wrench do I use for your forends?
  1 1/4" for 223
1 3/8" for 308
1 3/16" for Ragna
When do I need to apply Vibra-Tite?
Which one of your gas blocks should I use on my build?
Why shoot with an intermediate gas placement vs. mid length or rifle?
  Generally speaking the longer the gas system the less recoil you will feel in your rifle.  An intermid gas system on a 16” barrel gives you the longest, softest gas system and while still having proper dwell time.
Will a longer barrel be more accurate, if so why do they all have the same 1 MOA rating?
  Accuracy is more affected by barrel quality and profile than it is by length.  Short guns can be very accurate, but they do give up velocity to a longer version.  A thin profiled barrel will have more “barrel whip” which makes repeatability (accuracy) harder to obtain. With all that said out short barrels and ULTRAlite barrels are still very accurate.
Will my XMR work with BAD lever? KNS pins?
  Gen I XMR works with KNS pins but not with BAD levers.
GEN II XMR works with BAD lever bot not KNS pins.
How do I contact you?
  Phone number: 208-906-1405


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