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MSK (Minimalist Stock Kit) MSK (Minimalist Stock Kit)

The MSK (Minimalist Stock Kit) offered by ODIN Works is a stock completion kit that works with any AR15 lowers.

Price: $69.00
ODIN Works Zulu 2.0 Adjustable Stock Kit Zulu 2.0 Adjustable Stock Kit

The ZULU 2.0 stock combined with the ODIN Works padded intermediate buffer tube creates a complete stock suitable for rifle or carbine builds. With the reversible QD adapter included, this stock allows you to set it to your needs.

Price: $149.00
SB Tactical SBM4 SB Tactical SBM4

The SBM4 Pistol Stabilizing Brace® is the evolution of the original SB15™. Thinner, lighter and with enhanced cheek weld ergonomics. The SBM4 provides increased stability, improved accuracy and usability.

Price: $159.99
SB Tactical SOB SB Tactical SOB

The SOB Pistol Stabilizing Brace® is a slimmer, skeletonized version of the SB15™. Taking design cues from several platforms, the SOB compliments the aesthetics of both AR and AK pistol builds.

Price: $159.99
SB Tactical SBX-K SB Tactical SBX-K

The SBX-K Pistol Stabilizing Brace® is the shorter version of the original SBX™. Lower profile, less real estate, same outstanding performance.

Price: $159.99