No Recoil, High Performance Package!
No Recoil, High Performance Package!

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What do you get with a ODIN Works Low Mass BCG, LITE Adjustable Buffer, Atlas 5 Compensator, and Adjustable Gas Block? NO RECOIL! Okay well maybe you'll have a tiny bit, but it's seriously reduced.

If you want a high performing rifle without totally rebuilding yours, this High Performance Package is for you. Our Low Mass BCG weighs in at only 9oz, drastically reducing the amount of mass reciprocating in your rifle. It
features a Salt Bath Nitride finish that is both slick and durable. The carrier is made from 8620 steel and the bolt from 9310 steel and is compatible with .223/5.56 and .300 blackout calibers.

The LITE Adjustable buffer gives your the ability to customize your rifle and adjust it to the specifications you require. It comes with 3 aluminum and 3 stainless steel weights, and 1 tungsten weight too so you can make adjustments to your rifle so it shoots just right.

A muzzle device not only looks great, but our line of Atlas compensators are truly unique. It's 3-piece design makes installation simple and fast. And the best part is the timing and tuning is done with the titanium sleeve that can be rotated, rather than shims or crush washers that traditional compensators use. This package includes the Atlas 5 Compensator.

Last but not least, get ultimate fine tuning adjustments from our .750" Adjustable Gas Block. With 20 ball detent adjustments and no set screws needed. Getting your rifle to cycle perfectly has never been quicker or easier.

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