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About the Anodizing Process
Do I need to dimple the barrel?
How do I adjust the Adjustable Gas Block?
How do I install my ATLAS Comp?
How do I install my gas block?
How do I install my new forend?
How do I install my new XMR?
How should I hold my B1 Handstop?
How tight do I torque the forend screws?
How to I install and adjust my new ATLAS?
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Should I go with the intermediate or midlength?
What do I torque the forend barrel nut too?
What is the difference between your DMR and 3Gun barrel?
What is the procedure to break in my new barrel?
What size wrench do I use for your forends?
When do I need to apply Vibra-Tite?
Which one of your gas blocks should I use on my build?
Why shoot with an intermediate gas placement vs. mid length or rifle?
Will a longer barrel be more accurate, if so why do they all have the same 1 MOA rating?
Will my XMR work with BAD lever? KNS pins?
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