22 Nosler Barrel 18" DMR Rifle .22 Nosler | 18" DMR Rifle | Barrel
Price: $325.00


Fully built AR-15 rifle machined in house from billet 7075 aluminum by ODIN Works, complete with a b5 system Bravo stock and Type-23 P grip ODIN Tactical Rifle | OTR-15
Price: $1,495.00


ODIN Works 9MM Bolt Carrier Group 9MM Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group
Price: $159.00


ODIN Works 30 mm Rings Scope Rings - 30mm
Price: $99.00
In Stock


Excellent Quality--Extremely Accurate

Received the barrel and gas block and was extremely satisfied with the quality of work. Installed it and took it to the range. The accuracy was phenomenal. Shooting from a rest, sub-MOA with American Eagle .223 black box ammo! Better than I expected! Very nice barrel, great customer service. Will definitely be ordering more!

Vance S, KY, United States

Great Rifle - Everything You Want On a Rifle!

The OTR-15 rifle is really light weight, the balance is perfect. This rifle has all the features you normally spend months and quite a bit of treasure to install on your AR after you have had time to use the entry level firearm and realize what you would like to make it perfect. They really hit it out of the park with this one. I hope to see it offered in more caliber choices soon!!

James M, WI, United States

NAV 22 Suppressor

The purchase experience was very easy and when I finally got to see the suppressor in person. It was unbelievably well machined and looked fantastic. Came with its own pouch/sleeve. Thanks for an amazing product!!

Salvador C, AZ, United States